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Some days ago I asked myself: “How many followers do the teams of the German Basketball first League (BBL) have on their LinkedIn company page? Do they have a page at all?”
So I started researching and created a ranking of all BBL teams sorted by LinkedIn followers instead by wins. When I published this ranking in my LinkedIn updates I got asked whether I could do the same for the German Handball first and second league (HBL).

When I reached 10k impressions for the Handball update, I considered this to be obviously interesting to people out there and so I continued with researching the German Ice Hockey league (DEL) and the EuroLeague Basketball.

US Sports will be my next steps of research: Basketball (NBA) – American Football (NFL) – Baseball (MLB) – Ice Hockey (NHL) – Soccer (MLS)

Since all of the research is done manually at the moment, my next goal is to automate this work.

I have a lot ideas in my back head, but if you want to join me: please feel free to tell me your suggestions!